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Speech/Articulation Delay or Disorder

A Speech/Articulation delay or disorder is when the child demonstrates incorrect placement of oral structures during production of speech sounds affecting the ability of others to understand the child’s speech.​The deficit may be due to either a developmental delay, weak oral musculature causing difficulty producing the sounds, or to an articulation disorder. A disorder would be considered multiple age-appropriate sounds that are being distorted or due to a problem with the coordination between the area of the brain that formulates the words and the muscles in the mouth. This disorder is called Apraxia or Dyspraxia and affects the child’s ability to accurately repeat words and formulate intelligible speech.

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Expressive Language Delay and Disorders

Impaired acquisition of speech due to a delay or a disorder impeding the ability to acquire speech.
An expressive language deficit also includes phonological delay and disorder,and impaired grammatical and  vocabulary errors that impede the ability for others to understand the child.

Receptive Language Disorders

Includes difficulty comprehending verbal and written information, such as the ability to follow instructions,understand concepts and gestures.

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Pragmatic Disorders

Impaired interaction with others, poor eye contact, impaired inferencing skills, and delayed or impaired play skills, which often parallel expressive language skills.

Voice Disorders

Due to vocal abuse, surgery, vocal nodules or polyps that tend to form due to vocal abuse and poor respiratory support when speaking.

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Toddler eating

Feeding Delay and Disorders

Difficulty with feeding may be due in part to sensory and/or behavioral deficits as well as weakness of oral musculature

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