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Get to Know Me

I received my Masters of Science from Nova Southeastern University and am a licensed and certified bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist with over 22 years of experience in diagnosing and treating all types of speech, language and swallowing delays and disorders  in the pediatric and adult population. I gained my experience mainly in a hospital setting as well as in private practices as a compliment to my work at the hospital. My experience includes working with the pediatric population for all types of speech, language, and feeding delays and disorders due to such diagnosis as developmental delays, apraxia, autism, vocal abuse, central auditory processing disorder, different syndromes, and cerebral palsy. My experience with the adult population includes working with expressive, comprehension, and cognitive deficits due to different types of brain injury or disease as well as swallowing disorders due to brain injury, surgery, or cancer. I also served as Clinical Supervisor for numerous students in their Masters program.  

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Mission Statement

The ability to communicate enables humans to build personal connections and share experiences that shape our lives . We don’t realize its’ importance until we loose that gift.  It is my passion to help rehabilitate those who have lost that gift or have not been able to adequately acquire it, by accurately diagnosing and creating a specific goal-driven treatment plan.

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